Our values.

We are committed to holding a heart-centered, authentic, fulfilling, and safe space for your rite of passage, ritual, or healing experience. By working in pairs, trios, or groups our individual and unique gifts are enhanced, offering you a more enriching experience. Each service we offer begins with the same spirit guided process to ensure we are creating and crafting what is most needed and in the highest good for all. 


We begin by gathering our collective to discuss the service requested and our ability to offer what is needed. If we do not feel we are suited for your request we will lovingly refer you to other practitioners. 


Next, the collective spends time preparing for your service. We will journey,  perform ritual, and seek divine guidance  in order to create the most loving, compassionate, joyful, and healing experience for you or your loved ones.


We will work with you to support clarity in your desired outcomes and intentions for this work. This process belongs to you and you are welcome to participate in any and all ways that are supportive for you. 


When the preparations are complete we will facilitate your divinely inspired, co-created, and heart-centered rite of passage, ritual, or healing. Each experience brings a sense of transformation and integration.