For over 70,000 years humans have carried out ritual practices to honor creation, pay homage to the dead, pass knowledge through generations, and to align themselves with the momentous rhythms and cycles of their otherwise ordinary existence. 


sacred work.

Our most important and sacred work is in the doorway of life and death. There is a saying that when we are born, death becomes our constant companion. Our collective assembled during a time of soul-transforming experiences inside this doorway.  We found that the resources we wanted and needed to honor the spirit of a baby lost in miscarriage, the body of an elder who chose death, and the soul needs after a near death experience were incomplete. The expectation was that these intimate moments would be turned over to the hands of strangers and institutions. Instead we turned to each other to help carry out the funeral rites, the healing ceremonies, the celebrations of life, the honoring of death.

We don't talk about death nearly enough in western culture-at-large; death is routinely considered something to fear and avoid. Birth is only slightly different. Through the evolution of humanity the experience of birth and death were tended in the home, or in special dwellings by loved ones and skilled community members. Little by little both experiences were both were over medicalized, considered dirty and dangerous, and hidden from the view of the public. They were moved to institutions, commercialized, and left to the specialists. We were told that these experiences were not meant for public consumption. 

Midwifery kept the traditions of birthing women alive, but not without controversy. And death-midwifery more and more offers to do the same for the dying and dead. Our sacred work is to bring rituals of birth and dying back to the public eye and into everyday conversation. We have nothing to fear and everything to learn by dancing in this doorway, by using our own hands to help the next generations come through, and the previous generations to leave.

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge, that myth is more potent than history, that dreams are more powerful than facts, that hope always triumphs over experience, that laughter is the only cure for grief, and I believe thtat love is stronger than death.
— Robert Fulghum, Author & Minister

We Offer rituals & Rites of PAssage

  • Mediumship in personal, familial & group settings
  • Birth Blessings & First Year Ceremonies
  • Moon Ceremonies
  • Rites of Passage for adolescence
  • Personal healing rituals for the body, mind, spirit, family, ancestors, or home. 
  • Death Midwifery & Funeral Rites
  • Psychopomp services 
  • Grief rituals
  • Life/Death Celebrant
  • Spirit Guide Communication 
  • Personalized personal, familial, community rituals