services & offerings

  • Mediumship & Divination in individual and group settings

  • Remote Readings & Healing Sessions

  • Rites of Passage for transition & loss

  • Personal healing rituals for the body, mind, spirit, family, ancestors, or home.

  • Death Midwifery & Funeral Rites

  • Psychopomp services

  • Grief rituals

  • Life/Death Celebrant

  • Spirit Guide Communication

  • Personalized individual or community rituals & ceremonies


Rites, rituals, & ceremonies

Rites of passage, rituals, & ceremonies mark the sacred moments of our lives. In times of transition & transformation they support our understanding and integration of the experience. We carefully plan and customize the rite, ritual or ceremony you desire to ensure that you are fully honored, celebrated, supported, witnessed, empowered, integrated and whole in your experience.


SLIDING SCALE ⏐ $100-$500



Spirit, Mediumship, & hands-on healing circle

In a small group setting, participants have the opportunity to experience the powerful wisdom, healing, acknowledgement, guidance, and personal healing that is possible when we connect to non-ordinary realms and to spirit allies. Circle gatherings open with a brief community ritual to create a safe and sacred space. Once intentions are set by each participant, we begin to communicate with our compassionate Spirit Allies from all realms to answer questions, facilitate spirit connection, perform hands-on healing, or other experiences directed by spirit. Each circle is dynamic, but all participants will receive a personal spirit communication in support of their healing intention. 


SLIDING SCALE ⏐ $200-$500


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personal services

We know that tending the spirit & soul of the self is as important as tending the physical body. Our collective works together in a personal healing session to support the wholeness of your being, healing on all levels, and the evolution of your spirit & soul. This style of healing works to connect you to your own intuition, healing abilities, spirit connections, physical transformation, and your most free & true essence. Any of the healing modalities offered by the collective may be used in your healing experience. 


SLIDING SCALE ⏐ $150-$350